Worship Services

Sunday Worship will be at 8 am with Rev. Nathan Peitsch as our Vacancy Pastor


Adult Bible Study has started: it is held in the church basement, after Sunday church services. Bring a friend or neighbor and all of your questions, we will attempt to answer them. See you in the basement Wayne Kafton or Mark Witzel will be conducting the study.  We welcome ALL of you to come and contribute to the study or you can come and just listen, ask questions. We PROMISE you will not put you on the spot.


We also offer a Bible Study which is called "In The Word" / Bible Study for all Enlightened in the Light The Bible Study is offered once a month on the third Tuesday of the month, Pastor Peitsch will be able to lead this Bible Study. The time will be at 10am, everyone(man or women) is welcome to attend.  Coffee and a refreshment are served. Come and enjoy the fellowship and learn more about what Jesus teaches us and what He wants us to do. Bring a friend or your neighbor. ALL ARE WELCOME TO COME. Jesus is calling you.


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